OptiBind Polystyrene Sulfate Particles

OptiBind® Polystyrene Our production does not utilize common surfactants (like SDS, Tween 20, Triton X-100) that can interfere with protein binding to particle surfaces. Polystyrene surfaces are very hydrophobic and adsorb proteins almost instantaneously. Our proprietary anionic surfactant does not interfere with the binding of proteins nor cause proteins to desorb from microparticle surfaces.

Available in a wide range of diameters (from 0.1 µM to 2.5 µM)
No pre-washing
Tight size distribution—CV<2%
Optimized colloidal stability
Shelf-life of 10 years Storage Conditions: Store at 2-8°C.

Recommended for: Clinical diagnostics, molecular biology, nephelometric, turbidimetric and slide agglutination assays
When using OptiBind particles, ask about our Microparticle Reagent Optimization manual, which outlines our reagent development strategy. This manual includes validated binding, coupling and particle reagent optimization protocols.

Sulfate Particles have been optimized for maximum reactivity in many diagnostic applications.
OptiBind Polystyrene particles can be used direct from the bottle, without any pre-cleaning. They can be used in turbidimetric/nephelometric assays, slide agglutination assays, chemiluminescent assays and in clinical diagnostics and molcular biology applications.

part no nominal diameter quantity
8100-0397-100290 0.1µm 15ml
8100-0397-100390 0.1µm 100ml
8100-0397-100490 0.1µm 1000ml
8100-0597-100290 0.2µm 15ml
8100-0597-100390 0.2µm 100ml
8100-0597-100490 0.2µm 1000ml
8100-0797-100290 0.3µm 15ml
8100-0797-100390 0.3µm 1000ml
8100-0797-100490 0.3µm 1000ml
8100-0997-100290 0.4µm 15ml
8100-0997-100390 0.4µm 100ml
8100-1397-100290 0.6µm 15ml
8100-1397-100390 0.6µm 100ml
9100-1897-100290 0.85µm 15ml
9100-1897-100390 0.85µm 100ml
9100-1897-100490 0.85µm 1000ml
7100-2697-100250 1.25µm 15ml
7100-2697-100350 1.25µm 100ml
7100-3497-100250 2.5µm 15ml
7100-3497-100350 2.5µm 100ml
7100-3497-100450 2.5µm 1000ml

Package Includes: Package Insert and Certificate of Analysis
Standard Packaging: 15mL, 100mL, 1000mL, 10% solids concentration, 100mg/mL
Suggested Storage: 2 to 8°C
Minimum Shelf-Life: 10 years
Specialty Packaging OptiBind Polystyrene particles are available in different concentrations and package sizes upon request.
Sample Evaluation Packs These evaluation packs allow you to buy small samples from among our standard inventory of different surfaces, colors, sizes and binding capacities at greatly reduced prices. OptiBind particles are packaged in 15mL bottles at 10% solids. The evaluation pack consists of three lots from all available OptiBind polystyrene particles.

see coupling procedure: adsorption-and-covalent-coupling-procedures

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