Cyto-Plex™ Carboxylated Particles

Cyto-Plex microspheres consist of a highly uniform polystyrene particle with fluorescent intensities which are completely separated from each other.

Cyto-Plex particles show unsurpassed scatter characteristics, tight populations and hardly doublets which makes the two available sizes 4 and 5,4µm particles clearly distinguisable. Cyto-Plex beads are delivered in high density carboxylated modified surface, appropriate surface to couple antibodies, proteins and peptides to it.

Cyto-Plex offers all-line excitation wavelengths varying from violet 405nm to red 635nm. Maximum emission is at 700 nm and can be collected in either the PE-Cy5 (blue or green excitation) or APC (red excitation) channels. Since there is little or no emission in the FITC and PE channels, probes utilizing either of these dyes can be effectively used as reporters.

Cyto-Plex® Carboxylated Particles are delivered in 1mL and 5mL bottle with concentration 10E7/mL

part no nominal diameter bottle size FL intensity
FM4CR01 4,0µm 1ml level 1
FM4CR01B 4,0µm 5ml level 1
FM4CR02  4,0µm 1ml level 2
FM4CR02B 4,0µm 5ml level 2
FM4CR03 4,0µm 1ml level 3
FM4CR03B 4,0µm 5ml level 3
FM4CR04 4,0µm 1ml level 4
FM4CR04B 4,0µm 5ml level 4
FM4CR05 4,0µm 1ml level 5
FM4CR05B 4,0µm 5ml level 5
FM4CR06 4,0µm 1ml level 6
FM4CR06B 4,0µm 5ml level 6
FM4CR07 4,0µm 1ml level 7
FM4CR07B 4,0µm 5ml level 7
FM4CR08 4,0µm 1ml level 8
FM4CR08B 4,0µm 5ml level 8
FM4CR09 4,0µm 1ml level 9
FM4CR09B 4,0µm 5ml level 9
FM4CR10 4,0µm 1ml level 10
FM4CR10B 4,0µm 5ml level 10
FM4CR11 4,0µm 1ml level 11
FM4CR11B 4,0µm 5ml level 11
FM4CR12 4,0µm 1ml level 12
FM4CR12B 4,0µm 5ml level 12
FM5CR01 5,4µm 1ml level 1
FM5CR02B 5,4µm 5ml level 1
FM5CR02 5,4µm 1ml level 2
FM5CR02B 5,4µm 5ml level 2
FM5CR03 5,4µm 1ml level 3
FM5CR03B 5,4µm 5ml level 3
FM5CR04 5,4µm 1ml level 4
FM5CR04B 5,4µm 5ml level 4
FM5CR05 5,4µm 1ml level 5
FM5CR05B 5,4µm 5ml level 5
FM5CR06 5,4µm 1ml level 6
FM5CR06B 5,4µm 5ml level 6
FM5CR07 5,4µm 1ml level 7
FM5CR07B 5,4µm 5ml level 7
FM5CR08 5,4µm 1ml level 8
FM5CR08B 5,4µm 5ml level 8
FM5CR09 5,4µm 1ml level 9
FM5CR09B 5,4µm 5ml level 9
FM5CR10 5,4µm 1ml level 10
FM5CR10B 5,4µm 5ml level 10
FM5CR11 5,4µm 1ml level 11
FM5CR11B 5,4µm 5ml level 11
FM5CR12 5,4µm 1ml level 12
FM5CR12B 5,4µm 5ml level 12

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