Cyto Cal™ Multifluor Intensity Calibrator

Cyto-Cal Multifluor is an instrument independent quality control and applicable to all existing types of flow cytometers. Instrument quality control, which includes verification of the sensitivity and performance of the fluorescence detectors and photo multiplier tubes (PMTs), should be monitored frequently to ensure instrument consistency over time and to detect changes in performance that may compromise data.
Intensity calibrators should be part of your instrument performance / quality monitoring program.
Cyto-Cal™ Multifluor + Violet Intensity Calibrator provides stable calibration material for assessing flow cytometer stability and precision of multiple channels. Uniform mixture of 3.6µm particles with four dyes in five different fluorescent intensities
The Cyto-Cal Multifluor + Violet Intensity Calibrator is designed to simultaneously monitor flow cytometer stability as well as provide a check of instrument sensitivity and performance. Although the beads can provide relative fluorescence estimations of labeled cells (MEF), it is not designed for quantitation of fluorochromes on cells.

Cyto-Cal Multifluor is a development by the Particle Technology of Thermo Scientific in the US and Distrilab. Key benefits over comparable existing calibrators:

  1. All-line excitation
  2. > 98% single particles
  3. Lot to lot consistency

Cyto-Cal single gating is not required due to high uniformity of the particles. Consists of a single vial of fluorescent particles precisely stained with fluorescent dyes that have optimized intensity and broad emission in up to 13 color channels. Each intensity level has an MEF (Mean Equivalent Fluorochrome) value for estimation of relative fluorescence intensities of labeled cells. These MEF values are defined instrument specific

Storage Conditions: Refrigerate when not in use; do not freeze. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed. Mix product by gentle inversion by hand or vortex mixer. Includes: Calicurve software, package insert sheet and MSDS. Recommended for: Flow Cytometry set-up and calibration.

Cyto-Cal Multifluor Violet Intensity Calibrator

part no nominal diameter bottle size description count per ml amount
FC3MV 3,6µm 2ml Cyto-Cal Multifluor Intensity Calibrator 1.5 x 10E7 particles/mL 50 tests

Composition: Polystyrene microspheres containing encapsulated dyes
Dye Type: Firefli* Fluorescent Green (488/510nm), Orange (488/575nm), Red (488, 633, 635/700nm) and Blue (405/450nm)
Particle Density: 1.06g/cm3
Fill Volume: 2mL
Content: Dyed polymer microspheres in water
Additive: 0.05% Tween-20 Dispersant / Surfactant with 2 mM Sodium Azide preservative
Stability: Stable for a minimum of 12 months
Includes: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Package Insert Sheet with MESF Data
Storage Requirements: Refrigerate when not in use; do not freeze. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed. Mix product by gentle inversion by hand or vortex mixer.

Flow Cytometry

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