Cyto-Cal Flow Monitoring kit

Cyto-Cal NVC Flow Monitoring kit is an instrument independent particle quality control for all type of flow cytometers and consist of 2ml Cyto-Cal Multifluor and 5ml Cyto-Cal Alignment particles is meant for daily check of the instrument, whereas the Cyto-Cal Alignment is used daily to checking the actual status of the instrument and the Cyto-Cal Multifluor on a periodically basis for checking the PMT´s of the flow cytometer. This bottle Cyto-Cal Alignment beads consists of 1 blank and 1 positive fluorescent peak.

Cyto-Cal NVC Flow Monitoring kit is a development by the Particle Technology of Thermo Scientific in the US and Distrilab and was a mutual agreement together with the Dutch Cytometry Foundation (NVC).

Key benefits over comparable existing calibrators:

    All-line excitation
    > 98% single particles
    Lot to lot consistency

part no nominal diameter bottle size description count per ml amount
FC3MVNVC 3,6µm 2ml multifluor, 5ml alignment particles Cyto-Cal NVC Flow Monitoring kit 1,5x10E7 150 tests

Flow Cytometry


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