Cyto-Cal™ Count Control

Cyto-Cal™ Count Control in bottle for absolute counting in Flow Cytometry. With its hydrophilic bead surface, the Cyto-Cal Count Control eliminates particle doublets, ensuring an accurate count, verified by analytical procedures.

See also Cyto-Cal Count in tubes and Cyto-Cal in plates

part no nominal diameter bottle size description count per ml
FC7 7µm 10ml Cyto Cal Count Control in bottle 10E6 particles/mL

Contains uniform 7µm microspheres containing two encapsulated dyes
Single vial contains fluorescent beads which are precisely stained with fluorescent dyes that have optimized intensity excitation optimum at 488nm and broad emission in multiple channels (FITC, PE, PE-Cy5), beads are deliverd in 10ml bottle, (not in a tube like eg. BD Trucount).
Cyto-Cal 488 Alignment beads are excited by the 488nm spectral line of the argon laser and have broad emission, allowing them to be used to align the FL1 (FITC), FL2 (PE) and FL3 (PE-Cy5) channels simultaneously
Cyto-Cal 633 Alignment beads are optimally excited with the 633nm He-Ne laser (635nm diode laser) and have a maximum emission at 700 nm. They are designed to align the FL4 (APC) channel

Storage Conditions: Refrigerate when not in use; do not freeze. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed. Mix product by gentle inversion by hand or vortex mixer and leave 15´at RT on roller bank prior to usage. Longest shelf life in the market.

application: Flow Cytometry
Recommended for absolute count eg. CD4 and CD34 enumeration


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