Cyto-Cal™ Alignment beads

Cyto-Cal Alignment is an instrument independent control and is applicable to all types of flow cytometers. This beads enable instrument quality control, which includes verification of the sensitivity and performance of the fluorescence detectors and Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMTs), should be monitored frequently to ensure instrument consistency over time and to detect changes in performance that may compromise data. Intensity calibrators should be part of your instrument performance / quality monitoring program.
Cyto-Cal™ Alignment Particles provide exceptional accuracy and feedback on laser power, alignment and noise in excitation and emission optics.
Cyto-Cal Alignment Particles provide a superior method for optical alignment and flow cell focusing of flow cytometers. The 3.6µm particles are of the highest quality in size and fluorescence uniformity to permit the best possible optimization of each parameter being measured. Cyto-Cal Alignment particles are internally dyed with chemically stable dyes and therefore have excellent signal stability.
Contains sodium azide. Cyto-Cal 488 Alignment beads are excited by the 488nm spectral line of the argon laser and have broad emission, allowing them to be used to align the FL1 (FITC), FL2 (PE) and FL3 (PE-Cy5) channels simultaneously
Cyto-Cal 633 Alignment beads are optimally excited with the 633nm He-Ne laser (635nm diode laser) and have a maximum emission at 700 nm. They are designed to align the FL4 (APC) channel. 

part no bottle size nominal diameter count per ml
FA3O 3ml 3µm 5 x 106
FA3R 3ml 3µm 5 x 106

Composition: Polystyrene microspheres containing encapsulated dyes
Dye Type: Firefli* Fluorescent Orange (488/575nm) or Red (488, 633, 635/700nm)
Particle Size: 3.6µm
Particle Density: 1.05g/cm3
Fill Volume: 3mL
Content: Dyed polymer microspheres in water
Additive: 0.05% Tween-20 Dispersant/Surfactant with 2 mM Sodium Azide preservative
Stability: Stable for a minimum of 12 months
Includes: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Package Insert Sheet
Storage Requirements: Refrigerate when not in use; do not freeze. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed. Mix product by gentle inversion by hand or vortex mixer.


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