Cyto-Cal™ Calibration particles

Cyto-Cal™ beads are instrument independent controls for flow cytometry. Cyto-Cal provides stable calibration material for assessing flow cytometer stability and precision of multiple channels. They have unique fluorescent properties offering all-line excitation in the visual spectrum with wavelengths varying from violet 405nm to red 635nm very applicable to flow cytometry settings. The beads show unsurpassed scatter characteristics showing a very consistent percentage, > 98% single particles, single gating is not required. Cyto-Cal is offered as calibration bead and also as set-up for absolute count. 





  • Stable calibration particles for assessing instrument stability and precision in multiple channels
  • Uniform mixture of 3µm or 7µm particles with four dyes in various fluorescent intensities.
  • Singlet gating not required due to high uniformity of the particles.
  • Consists of a single vial of fluorescent particles precisely stained with fluorescent dyes that have optimized intensity and broad emission in up to 13 color channels.
  • Each intensity level has an MESF (Mean Equivalent Soluble Fluorochrome) value for estimation of relative fluorescence intensities of labeled cells
  • Appropriate for defining Q and b values

Storage Conditions: Refrigerate when not in use; do not freeze. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed. Mix product by gentle inversion by hand or vortex mixer. Includes: Calicurve software, package insert sheet and MSDS. Recommended for: Flow Cytometry set-up and calibration.

Cyto/Cal Multifluor Violet Intensity Calibrator  FC3MV, 2mL 3µm; 1.5 x 10E7 particles/mL; (50 tests)


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