Validex Count Precision Size Standards

Validex™ Count Precision Size Standards contain NIST traceable polymer particles packaged in ultrapure water at concentrations ideal for use in validating the performance of liquid particle counters. Particle counting in the drinking water industry has rapidly become an indispensable technology for optimizing water quality. The majority of particle counters used in the drinking water industry operate on the principle of single particle light obscuration. Thermo Scientific Validex Count Precision Size Standards are excellent for instrument calibration and verification in the drinking water industry and for low level liquid particle counting and calibration.

    Composition of suspension has been optimized to promote dispersion of particles
    Each bottle contains 500 mL of suspension at a nominal concentration of 1000 particles per mL
    A stir bar is included in the bottle to aid dispersion
    Certified concentration
    Ultraclean diluent
    No dilution required
    Sample directly from bottle to avoid contamination
    Larger volume for appropriate testing

part no nominal diameter bottle size mean diameter size distribution
CRS-05 5µm 500ml 5µm ± 0.1 µm σ = 0.1 µm, 2% CV
CRS-10 10µm 500ml 10µm ± 0.1 µm σ = 0.2 µm, 2% CV

Particle Composition: Polystyrene
Concentration: 1000 particles/mL ± 10%
Particle Density: 1.05g/cm3
Index of Refraction: 1.59 @ 589nm (25°C)
Additives: Contains trace amount of surfactant
Packaged in 500mL




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