Surf-Cal Particle Size Standards

SURF-CAL™ Particle Deposition Standards provide a cost effective and reliable method of calibration of bare semiconductor silicon wafer Surface Scanning Inspection systems (SSIS) over a range of particle sizes from 0.047 to 3.0 micrometers (µm). The product is a suspension of NIST traceable polystyrene microspheres whose concentration has been optimized for deposition on wafers by nebulization.
When used with conventional particle deposition systems, the 3 x 108 particles per mL suspension will deposit between 6 and 10 particles per square centimeter on a 200 mm wafer in 30-60 seconds. The 1 x 1010 particles per mL suspension is ideal for deposition systems using particle exclusion techniques where the deposition times and concentrations vary.
The cleanliness of the suspension minimizes residue on the particle and the surface of the wafer, allowing easy calibration of scanners over their entire range of operation. With low non-volatile solids content, SURF-CAL is useful for other aerosol particle measurement applications. The clean suspension also benefits particle detection on patterned wafers, mask and reticule, and disk drives. Thermo Fisher Scientific, along with the Semiconductor Industry and SEMI, have established specific particle sizes to be used when calibrating Scanning Surface Inspection Systems. Working with instrument manufacturers, we created the SURF-CAL™ product line to meet SEMI standard guidelines.

Available sizes are considered to be critical sizing nodes as defined by the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)
By depositing SURF-CAL NIST traceable polystyrene latex spheres (PSL) on specially selected wafers, you can perform periodic calibration checks and compare your scanner with scanners at other locations. You can also assess the performance of your SSIS at critical stages in the manufacturing process. All products are suspended in deionized, filtered water in 50mL bottles at a concentration of 3 x 108

part no nominal diameter bottle size count per ml
PD-047 0.047µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-047B 0.047µm 100ml 1010
PD-064 0.064µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-064B 0.064µm 100ml 1010
PD-083 0.083µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-083B 0.083µm 100ml 1010
PD-092 0.092µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-092B 0.092µm 100ml 1010
PD-100 0.100µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-100B 0.100µm 100ml 1010
PD-125 0.126µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-125B 0.126µm 100ml 1010
PD-155 0.155µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-155B 0.155µm 100ml 1010
PD-200 0.202µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-200B 0.202µm 100ml 1010
PD-204 0.204µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-204B 0.204µm 100ml 1010
PD-215 0.220µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-215B 0.220µm 100ml 1010
PD-305 0.304µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-305B 0.304µm 100ml 1010
PD-365 0.360µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-365B 0.360µm 100ml 1010
PD-500 0.498µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-500B 0.498µm 100ml 1010
PD-800 0.809µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-800B 0.809µm 100ml 1010
PD-802 0.802µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-802B 0.802µm 100ml 1010
PD-1100 1.112µm 15ml 1010
PD-1100B 1.112µm 100ml 1010
PD-1600 1.57µm 15ml 3x 108
PD-2000 2.01µm 100ml 3x 108
PD-3000 3.04µm 15ml 3x 108

Composition: Polystyrene
Concentration: 3 x 108 particles per mL
Density [Particle] 1.05g/cm3
Refractive Index: 1.59 @ 589nm (25°C)
Fill Volume: 50mL
Content[s]: Polystyrene microspheres in deionized, filtered water
Stability: Product stable for a minimum of 12 months
Additive: None
Includes: Certificate of Calibration and Traceability to NIST, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Storage Requirements: Refrigerate when not in use. Do not freeze the particle suspension. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed to avoid contamination.



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