Pharm Count Check


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Pharm Count Check is developed and manufactured by Applied Microspheres BV as a control for internal calibration. This control meets the requirements of U.S. Pharmacopeia, USP <1788> for the determination of Particulate Matter in Injections and Ophthalmic solutions light obscuration particle count test. It is designed for use as intermediate instrument monitoring.
It is delivered in a 25mL bottle and includes a magnetic stir bar. It consist of two different populations of monodisperse polymer microspheres with calibrated mean diameters for the purpose of obtaining a ratio between a population with size > 10µm and a population > 15µm.
The data have been generated by a light obscuration particle counter calibrated with NIST traceable particle size standards. Information Sheet

Pharm Count Check is available in 25mL bottle including stir bar in 2 different box sizes:
PIN:                                  Package:                  
21015-06                        6 x 25mL
21015-10                      10 x 25mL                 

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