Count controls

Thermo Standards
  Pharm-Trol Count-Cal Validex Ezy-Cal
Composition polystyrene polystyrene polystyrene polystyrene
Diameter nominal 15µm 2 - 70µm 5, 10µm 2 - 70µm
Concentration 3800/ml (10%) 3000/ml(10%) 1000/ml (10%) 2000ml (10%)
Density 1.05 g/cm 1.05 g/cm 1.05 g/cm 1.05 g/cm
Index of refraction 1.59@89nm      
Fill volume       25ml       25ml 500ml 100ml
Expiration date > 6 months  > 6 months > 6 months > 6 months
Additives trace amount of surfactant      
Package includes NIST certificate, MSDS      
storage and handling 2 - 8°C Store upright Mix gently by hand or vortex  

Duke Standards 3K/4K Series Particle Counter Standards
Particle size standards for use in particle counting validation for particle counting instruments. In comparison with the 3000 series Nanosphere Size Standards and 4000 series Monosized Polymer Size Standards, this product line is precisely diluted for immediate use in laser particle counters with minimal time-consuming concentration adjustments.

Ezy-Cal™ Count Precision Size Standards
Easy-to-use liquid particle count controls at 2000 particles per ml. The product is designed for regular use in liquid particle counters to verify instrument calibration before each use. This assures reproducibility of the particle counter by permitting a continuous record of its performance using a NIST traceable microsphere suspension with a precise concentration.

Count-Cal™ Count Precision Standards
Ready-to-use liquid particle count controls. COUNT-CAL™ is a cost effective, convenient product for validating liquid particle counters. Packaged in single-use bottles and intended to be sampled directly from the bottle, it eliminates the need for serial dilutions and extensive sample handling, thereby minimizing contamination. It was developed for manufacturers of parenteral drugs and ophthalmic solutions seeking interim verification of USP 788 and 789 (Particulate Matter in Injections and Particulate Matter in Ophthalmic Solutions).

Pharm-Trol™ Count Precision Size Standards
Especially designed for intermediate USP <788> and <789> verification. These ready-to-use precision standards are designed for regular use in liquid particle counters. This documents the reproducibility of the particle counter by permitting a continuous record of its performance using a NIST traceable microsphere suspension with a known concentration. The data provides documentation for internal or customer audits.

Validex™ Count Precision Size Standards
NIST traceable polymer particles packaged in ultrapure water at concentrations of 1000 particles per ml. Ideal for use in validating the performance of liquid particle counters. Suitable for the method 1 light obscuration particle count test as described in the Japanese Pharmacopeia. 
Validex Count Precision Size Standards are also excellent for instrument calibration and verification in the drinking water industry and for low level liquid particle counting and calibration.


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