9000 Series - Glass Size Beads

When you need particles

  • as standard for Laser Diffraction instruments
  • as inert material beads
  • as spacer for the semi-conductor industry

Duke Standards 9000 Series Borosilicate Glass Microspheres, 2 to 20µm
This small borosilicate glass microspheres have fewer spherical imperfections and inclusions than other glass microspheres. They also have better mechanical and thermal stability. This series has been calibrated with NIST traceable methods of optical microscopy. They are packaged as one gram of dry spheres. Each package contains a NIST traceable Certificate. The borosilicate spheres have a density of 2.50-2.55g/cm3 and an index of refraction of 1.56 @ 589nm (23°C).

part no. Borosilicate glass nominal diameter quantity mean diameter size distribution
9002 2,0µm 1g 2.0µm ± 0.4µm σ = 0.6µm, 30% CV
9005 5,0µm 1g 5.1µm ± 0.5µm σ = 0.9µm, 11% CV
9008 8,0µm 1g 8.3µm ± 0.4µm σ = 0.8µm, 11% CV
9010 10,0µm 1g 10.0µm ± 1.0µm σ = 1.1µm, 11% CV
9015 15,0µm 1g 15.9µm ± 0.6µm σ = 1.8µm, 11% CV
9020 20,0µm 1g 19.3µm ± 1.0µm σ = 1.9µm, 9.8% CV

Duke Standards 9000 Series Soda Lime Glass Microspheres, 30 to 2000µm
This series is used as NIST traceable calibrants or controls for instruments requiring a higher density and more contrast to incident radiation than that provided by the polymer microspheres. The microspheres are made of soda lime glass which has trace amounts of metallic elements. This makes them easily detectable by non-dispersive X-ray methods and improves their contrast and reflectivity in optical, ultrasonic and electron beam detection methods. The spheres have been processed to remove most of the non-spherical and broken particles, assuring a high percentage of round spheres. They are packaged as one gram of dry spheres. The soda lime microspheres have a density of 2.4-2.5g/cm3 and an index of refraction of 1.51 @ 589nm. The softening temperature is 720°C and the dielectric constant is 7.3 @ 1 KHz and 20°C.
Recommended for calibration of microscopes, light scattering instruments and other particle measuring equipment. They are also used in laser light scattering studies and colloidal systems research.

part no. Soda Lime glass nominal diameter quantity mean diameter size distribution
9030 30,0µm 1g 30.1µm ± 1.1µm σ = 2.3µm, 7.6% CV
9040 40,0µm 1g 42.3µm ± 1.1µm σ = 1.5µm, 3.5% CV
9050 50,0µm 1g 49.0µm ± 1.4µm σ = 2.4µm, 4.9% CV
9060 60,0µm 1g 60.0µm ± 1.3µm σ = 2.3µm, 3.8% CV
9070 70,0µm 1g 71.0µm ± 1.7µm σ = 2.9µm, 4.1% CV
9080 80,0µm 1g 79.1µm ± 1.7µm σ = 2.8µm, 3.5% CV
9090 90,0µm 1g 90.3µm ± 2.8µm σ = 3.9µm, 4.3% CV
9100 100,0µm 1g 98.7µm ± 2.8µm σ = 3.0µm, 3.0% CV
9110 110,0µm 1g 111µm ± 2.8µm σ = 4.2µm, 3.8% CV
9120 120,0µm 1g 120µm ± 3.0µm σ = 5.2µm, 4.3% CV
9140 140,0µm 1g 139µm ± 2.6µm σ = 2.9µm, 2.1% CV
9170 170,0µm 1g 167µm ± 3.4µm σ = 6.3µm, 3.8% CV
9200 200,0µm 1g 198µm ± 3.4µm σ = 6.4µm, 3.2% CV
9230 230,0µm 1g 231µm ± 4.1µm σ = 9.0µm, 3.9% CV
9280 280,0µm 1g 279µm ± 3.7µm σ = 9.3µm, 3.3% CV
9330 330,0µm 1g 324µm ± 8.8µm σ = 16.0µm, 4.9% CV
9400 400,0µm 1g 399µm ± 8.0µm σ = 9.9µm, 2.5% CV
9480 480,0µm 1g 480µm ± 9.2µm σ = 14.1µm, 2.9% CV
9550 550,0µm 1g 553µm ± 11µm σ = 29.0µm, 5.2% CV
9650 650,0µm 1g 645µm ± 10µm σ = 25.1µm, 3.9% CV
9750 750,0µm 1g 749µm ± 8.5µm σ = 19.4µm, 1.9% CV
9950 950,0µm 1g 940µm ± 9.8µm σ = 39.7µm, 4.2% CV
91000 1000,0µm 1g 1106µm ± 11µm σ = 28.6µm, 2.6% CV
92000 2000,0µm 1g 2000µm ± 11µm σ = 50.9µm, 2.5% CV

The mean diameters of these products have been calibrated with Thermo Fisher Scientific's NIST traceable microscopy methods. Their size distribution and uniformity are measured by optical microscopy
Products are packaged as dry spheres. Packages are lot-numbered for convenient technical service and support after the sale. The package includes also Certificate of Calibration and Traceability to NIST, including description of the   calibration method and its uncertainty, table of chemical and physical properties, and Material Safety Data Sheet, with handling and disposal instructions. Certifications: NIST traceable

9000 Series products from 2µm to 20µm are made from Borosilicate Glass, have a particle density of 2.5 to 2.55g/cm3, and an index of refraction of 1.56 at 589nm (25°C)
9000 Series products from 30µm to 2mm are made from Soda Lime Glass, have a particle density of 2.4 to 2.5g/cm3, and an index of refraction of 1.51 at 589nm (25°C)




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