4D Series Duke Standards

4D Series Duke StandardsTM
When you need to validate Optical Particle Counters you can use Thermo Dri-Cal Particle Size standards. However when operating under ISO 21501-4 restrictions we would advice the dry beads 4D Series Duke Standards. These beads are specifically designed to meet this ISO guidelines. 4D will offer unsurpassed quality assurance in Pharma and Semi-conductor industries with classified cleanrooms under ISO 14644

The area’s specifically identified include:
• Pharmaceutical (injections, water for injections, infusions)
• Electronics (semiconductor, LCDs, hard drives)

4D Series are available in 4 different sizes.

part no nominal diameter quantity mean size uncertainty Count per gram
4D-03 3µm 1g <2,5% 6,7 x 1010
4D-05 5µm 1g <2,5% 1,4 x 1010
4D-07 7µm 1g <2,5% 5,3 x 109
4D-10 10µm 1g <2,5% 1,8 x 109

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