4000 series - Microsphere Size Standards, 1 - 1000 µm

4000 Series Microsphere Size Standards a NIST traceable size standard with a very narrow standard deviation with very low polydispersion index. Particle spheres are used instead of irregularly shaped particles to minimize the response of analytical systems to shape effects. The mean diameters of this products have been calibrated by NIST traceable microscopy methods. Their size distributions and uniformity were measured by electrical resistance analysis or optical microscopy.

Each package of standards contains a Certificate of Calibration and Traceability to NIST which includes a description of the calibration method and its uncertainty, and a table of chemical and physical properties. A Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS, with handling and disposal instructions, is also included. Packages are lot-numbered for convenient technical service and support after the sale. In addition to this line of polymer size standards, we also offer calibration standards in silica and glass materials. See

The 4000 Series products from 1 to 160µm are polystyrene particles. They are packaged as acqueous suspensions in 15ml dropper/tipped bottles at an optimum concentration for dispersion, handling and dilution.They have been all calibrated by Optical Microscopy

part no nominal diameter bottle size size uniformity
4009A 0,99µm 15mL 0.994µm ± 0.021µm
4010A 1,02µm 15mL 1.019µm ± 0.015µm
4011A 1,10µm 15mL 1.101µm ± 0.017µm
4013A 1,3µm 15mL 1.361µm ± 0.015µm
4016A 1,6µm 15mL 1.587µm ± 0.018µm
4018A 1,8µm 15mL 1.745µm ± 0.022µm
4202A 2,0µm 15mL 1.999µm ± 0.020µm
4025A 2,5µm 15mL 2.504µm ± 0.027µm
4203A 3,0µm 15mL 3.002µm ± 0.019µm
4204A 4,0µm 15mL 4.400µm ± 0.043µm
4205A 5,0µm 15mL 4.993µm ± 0.040µm
4206A 6,0µm 15mL 6.007µm ± 0.040µm
4207A 7,0µm 15mL 6.982µm ± 0.045µm
4208A 8,0µm 15mL 7.979µm ± 0.075µm
4209A 9,0µm 15mL 8.956µm ± 0.082µm
4210A 10,0µm 15mL 10.00µm ± 0.08µm
4212A 12,0µm 15mL 12.01µm ± 0.11µm
4215A 15µm 15mL 14.97µm ± 0.10µm
4220A 20µm 15mL 19.99µm ± 0.25µm
4225A 25µm 15mL 24.61µm ± 0.22µm
4230A 30µm 15mL 29.75µm ± 0.56µm
4240A 40µm 15mL 39.94µm ± 0.35µm
4250A 50µm 15mL 50.2µm ± 0.3µm
4260A 60µm 15mL 59.2µm ± 0.6µm
4270A 70µm 15mL 69.1µm ± 0.9µm
4280A 80µm 15mL 79.4µm ± 0.5µm
4310A 100µm 15mL 100µm ± 1.5µm
4311A 110µm 15mL 113µm ± 1.0µm
4314A 140µm 15mL 138µm ± 2.0µm
4316A 160µm 15mL 161µm ± 3.1µm

4000 Series Microspheres size standards with diameters of 200µm are packaged as dry uniform spheres per 1g units. These polystyrene are crosslinked with Divinylbenzene DVB. The largest sizes resp. 750 and 1000µm with part numbers 4375A and 4400A are made from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).

part no nominal diameter quantity size uniformity
4320A 200µm 1g 197µm ± 3.2µm
4324A 240µm 1g 235µm ± 3.7µm
4328A 280µm 1g 279µm ± 4.9µm
4330A 300µm 1g 289µm ± 6.2µm
4340A 400µm 1g 399µm ± 8.5µm
4350A 500µm 1g 500µm ± 10µm
4355A 550µm 1g 552µm ± 11µm
4365A 650µm 1g 644µm ± 11µm
4375A 750µm 1g 773µm ± 13µm
4400A 1000µm 1g 1007µm ± 13µm



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