Sera-Mag® SpeedBeads™ Magnetic Amine-modified Particles

Sera-Mag® Magnetic SpeedBeads™ Amine-modified Particles respond twice as fast to a magnetic field as original Sera-Mag particles and significantly improve assay accuracy and are especially useful in clinical immunoassays where speed of magnetic response is important and for isolation from viscous solutions in molecular biology applications. The amine modified groups are covalently coupled to the carboxyl groups.


Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine-modified

part no nominal diameter bottle size code concentration
1915-2104-011150 1,0µm 1ml SB-AM 1% solids
1915-2104-010150 1,0µm 5ml SB-AM 1% solids
1915-2104-010350 1,0µm 100ml SB-AM 1% solids



see coupling procedure:

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