Sera-Mag® SpeedBeads™ Magnetic Neutravidin coated Particles

Sera-Mag® SpeedBeads™ NeutrAvidin-Coated Particles are ideal for a wide range of high binding capacity applications and exhibit a high affinity when binding to biotinylated ligands such as proteins, nucleic acids and peptides. These particles respond much faster to a magnetic field to shorten assay times and improve precision in clinical diagnostic tests. They also move faster through viscous solutions. Neutravidin-coated SpeedBeads are available with a 3500-4500 pmol/mg biotin-binding range.


Sera-Mag SpeedBeads NeutrAvidin-Coated

part no nominal diameter bottle size code concentration
7815-2104-011150 1,0µm 1ml SB-NA 1% solids
7815-2104-010150 1,0µm 5ml SB-NA 1% solids
7815-2104-010350 1,0µm 100ml SB-NA 1% solids



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