Sera-Mag® SpeedBeads™ Magnetic Carboxylate-modified Particles

Sera-Mag® Magnetic SpeedBeads™ Carboxylate-modified provide the speed, precision, and increased binding capacity required for sample preparation, proteomics, nucleic acid isolation and clinical immunoassay applications. These nominal 1µm magnetic particles of uniform size feature a second layer of magnetite, enabling them to respond much faster to a magnetic field, resulting in quicker, more complete separation from suspensions. This ensures shorter assay times in clinical diagnostic tests as well as faster particle movement through viscous solutions. Key benefits include exquisite sensitivity and low non-specific binding for greater accuracy, and a distinct cauliflower-like surface that increases overall binding capacity with no reduction in particle size.

Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Carboxylate-modified

part no nominal diameter bottle size code conc prefered isolation
4515-2105-050250 1,0µm 15ml SB-CM 5% solids protein
4515-2105-050350 1,0µm 100ml SB-CM 5% solids protein
4515-2105-050450 1,0µm 1000ml SB-CM 5% solids protein
6515-2105-050250 1,0µm 15ml SB-CM 5% solids nucleic acid
6515-2105-050350 1,0µm 100ml SB-CM 5% solids nucleic acid
6515-2105-050450 1,0µm 1000ml SB-CM 5% solids nucleic acid




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