Sera-Mag® Magnetic Oligo(d)T- coated particles

Sera-Mag® Oligo(dT)-coated particles which are super paramagnetic combines the advantages of high surface area, high affinity and high specific activity. Sera-Mag Oligo(dT)-coated Magnetic Particles easily isolate and extract valuable mRNA from a variety of sources, enabling performance in such applications as RT-PCR, cDNA library construction, cDNA microarrays, affinity purification, primer extension, and subtractive hybridization. Ask for the mRNA buffer set with Hybridization, Elution and Wash buffer extremely useful in combination with Sera-Mag Oligo- coated particles.

part no nominal diameter bottle size code concentration
3815-2103-011150 1,0µm 1ml MG-OL 1% solids
3815-2103-010150 1,0µm 5ml MG-OL 1% solids
3815-2103-010350 1,0µm 100ml MG-OL 1% solids

point of care


technical note:

Buffer Set for coupling mRNA for 20 tests with part no 281111. 1x 281111 is sufficient for 1ml Sera-Mag Oligo

Buffer quantity volume
Hybridisation 2x 4ml
Wash 2x 4ml
Elution 2x 4ml


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