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We offer two different types of magnetic particles:
Sera-Mag Magnetic particles
Sera-Mag Magnetic SpeedBeads
Both are real super-paramagnetic, carboxylate-modified base particles with a diameter of nominal 1µm. This magnetic particles combine a fast magnetic response time and high binding capacity with a large surface area, high sensitivity, stability, physical integrety and fast reaction kinetics. Typical applications include molecular biology, nucleic acid isolation, research and clinical diagnostic immunoassays. 
The colliflower landscape gives this particles much more binding sites compared to competitor magnetic particles.

Sera-Mag magnetic particles are available in Carboxylate-modified, Amine and streptavidin- and Oligo(dT)-coated versions. Sera-Mag Magnetic SpeedBeads which respond twice as fast in a magnetic field as compared to Sera-Mag particles are available in carboxylate-and amine-modified versions, in neutravidin- , streptavidin and protein A/G- coated versions. All Sera-Mag particles provide a slow settling rate in the absence of a magnetic field. Due to a tremendous amount of binding sites which give the particles a very high negative charge they are instanteneously repelling after removing the magnetic force. Especcially when this particles are applied in an automatic device this feature offers a huge level of standardisation. Sera-Mag's are not affected by sonication, drying and pH extremes. Containing a trace of sodium azide.

  • High protein binding capacity
  • Low non-specific binding of serum proteins
  • Ready to use with no washing
  • Tight size distribution
  • Stable in detergents and lysis buffer systems pH 5 to 12
  • High surface area per unit mass
  • Good lot-to-lot reproductibility

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