Fluoro-Max Europium Chelate

Thermo Scientific Fluoro-Max Fluorescent particles are internally dyed with europium chelate and come in carboxylate-modified and streptavidin-coated versions. With an extremely broad Stokes Shift (Exc/Emm_Europium_Chelate), Fluoro-Max europium chelate particles help prevent non-specific fluorescence interference. This makes the particles ideal for setting up the most sensitive assays in diagnostic lateral flow, nucleic acid hybridization, molecular biology, immuno/histological, Point-of-Care (POC), membrane and other time-resolved microfluorescent applications.

part no nominal diameter bottle size code concentration
9347-0350-011150 0.1µm 1ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-010150 0.1µm 5ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-010350 0.1µm 100ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-011150 0.2µm 1ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-010150 0.2µm 5ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-010350 0.2µm 100ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-011150 0.3µm 1ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-010150 0.3µm 5ml CM-EC 1% solid
9347-0350-010350 0.3µm 100ml CM-EC 1% solid
2947-0701-011150 0.3µm 1ml SA-EC 1% solid
2947-0701-010150 0.3µm 5ml SA-EC 1% solid
2947-0701-010350 0.3µm 100ml SA-EC 1% solid

Fluoro-Max Fluorescent Particles are made from carboxylate-modified or streptavidin coated polystyrene particles containing encapsulated europium chelate dye. They are available in 0.1, 0.2, or 0.3µm diameters. When these particles excite at 333nm and emit at 613nm, they do so with a very long lifetime of approximately 0.5 milliseconds. In fact, this is about 10,000 to 100,000 times the lifetime of most fluorophores. The extended lifetime of europium chelate particles allows them to be used in a wide range of time resolved fluorescence applications.

Product Bulletin

In addition, they can be counted on to lower the detection limits of fluorescent assays severalfold as they eliminate background interference from relatively short-lived matrix fluorescence. Internally dyed to ensure maximum color brilliance and color saturation, resulting in greater sensitivity and enhanced readability of the assay. Eliminates problems associated with enzyme-based assays. Encapsulated dye prevents leaching in aqueous media, and provides optimum surface immunoreactivity. Dyeing process causes little or no inhibition of adsorption or covalent couping of immunoglobulin G, resulting in superior binding of protein to the particles.


MSDS Carboxylate modified
MSDS Streptavidin coated

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