Fluoro-Max Red Aqueous Fluorescent Particles

Fluoro-Max Red Aqueous Fluorescent Particles are internally dyed microsphere suspensions that feature bright, high contrast colors.
Fluoro-Max fluorescent particles emit bright and distinct colors when illuminated by the light of shorter wavelengths than the emission wavelength. This improves their contrast and visibility relative to background materials. As a result, these particles offer improved sensitivity and detectability for analytical methods. These internally dyed polymer particles utilize the exclusive Firefli* process to incorporate the dye throughout the polymer matrix to produce bright fluorescent colors, minimize photo bleaching, and prevent dye leaching into aqueous media.

Fluoro-Max Dyed Red Aqueous Fluorescent Particles are made of polystyrene (PS), which has a density of 1.05g/cm3 and a refractive index of 1.59 @ 589nm (25°C). The aqueous suspensions are packaged as 1% solids. These particles can be detected with an epifluorescence microscope, confocal microscope, fluorometer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, or fluorescence activated cell sorter. They can also be detected using mineral light or black light (UV). Spectral information is approximate and for reference only. The spectral properties of the dyes are dependent on their concentration and physical environment.The exact excitation and emission maxima may vary depending on the size and composition of the particles.
Exc/Emm: Fluorescent Red (542/612nm)

Fluoro-Max Red Aqueous Fluorescent Particles

part no nominal diameter bottle size size uniformity
R25 0.025µm 10ml/15ml < 20%
R25B 0.025µm 60ml/90ml < 20%
R50 0.05µm 10ml/15ml < 15%
R50B 0.05µm 60ml/90ml < 15%
R60 0.06µm 10ml/15ml < 10%
R60B 0.06µm 60ml/90ml < 10%
R100 0.10µm 10ml/15ml < 10%
R100B 0.10µm 60ml/90ml < 10%
R160 0.16µm 10ml/15ml < 10%
R160B 0.16µm 60ml/90ml < 10%
R200 0.20µm 10ml/15ml < 5%
R200B 0.20µm 60ml/90ml < 5%
R300 0.30µm 10ml/15ml < 5%
R300B 0.30µm 60ml/90ml < 5%
R400 0.40µm 10ml/15ml < 5%
R400B 0.40µm 60ml/90ml < 5%
R500 0.50µm 10ml/15ml < 3%
R500B 0.50µm 60ml/90ml < 3%
R600 0.60µm 10ml/15ml < 3%
R600B 0.60µm 60ml/90ml < 3%
R700 0.70µm 10ml/15ml < 3%
R700B 0.70µm 60ml/90ml < 3%
R800 0.80µm 10ml/15ml < 3%
R800B 0.80µm 60ml/90ml < 3%
R900 0.90µm 10ml/15ml < 3%
R900B 0.90µm 60ml/90ml < 3%
R0100 1,0µm 10ml/15ml < 5%
R0100B 1,0µm 60ml/90ml < 5%
R0200 2,0µm 10ml/15ml < 5%
R0200B 2,0µm 60ml/90ml < 5%
R0300 3,0µm 10ml/15ml < 5%
R0300B 3,0µm 60ml/90ml < 5%



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