Color-Rich™ Carboxylated-modifed particles

Color-Rich™ Dyed Carboxylate-modified Particles provide maximum color and brilliance, as well as immunologically reactive surfaces. Composed of polystyrene or polystyrene with a copolymer grated surface for fast coupling and processing reactions, these hydrophilic particles enable users to optimize lateral flow assays by controlling sensitivity, specificity and stability; are available in blue, red or black internally dyed versions; can bind ligands without any dye interference; feature high protein binding capacity; and have an optimized acid content.Lateral Flow Test Development

part no nominal diameter bottle size code concentration
9310-1870-020250 0.85µm 15ml CM-BL (Blue) 2,5% solid
9310-1870-020350 0.85µm 100ml CM-BL (Blue) 2,5% solid
9310-1870-020450 0.85µm 1000ml CM-BL (Blue) 2,5% solid
DB1040CA 0.4µm 15ml CM-BL (Blue) 4% solid
DB1040CB 0.4µm 100ml CM-BL (Blue) 4% solid
DBK1040CA 0.4µm 15ml CM-BK (Black) 4% solid
DBK1040CB 0.4µm 100ml CM-BK (Black) 4% solid
DR1040CA 0.4µm 15ml CM-RD (Red) 4% solid
DR1040CB 0.4µm 100ml CM-RD (Red) 4% solid

Higher intensity dyed particles provide superior test sensitivity in qualitative and quantitative lateral flow tests. These particles are internally dyed using the Thermo Scientific Color-Rich internal dyeing method or by utilizing the proprietary Firefli* fluorescent dyeing process. Color-Rich dyeing methods provide exceptional color saturation, prevent dye leaching in aqueous media, and leave the surface free for 1) covalent coupling through a COOH group, and 2) optimal immunological reactivity. Bind ligands without dye interference
Dye-free surface for coupling
High protein binding capacity
Hydrophilic—readily adsorbs and couples proteins
Optimizes assays by controlling sensitivity, specificity and stability
Optimized acid content
Easy one-step covalent coupling protocols
Ensures reproducibility
The 0.4µm nominal diameter (DB1040CA through DBK1040CB) is the optimal size for most latex-based lateral flow tests
The coefficient of variation (CV) of the diameter is less than 5%, ensuring uniform migration through membranes.

applications: http://lateral-flow-test-development; http://point-of-care; http://turbidimetry

technical note: http://adsorption-and-covalent-coupling-procedures

Composition: Polystyrene or Polystyrene with coploymer grafted surface
Surface Modification: Sulfate/Polystyrene
Dye Type Colored: Blue, Red, Black; Firefli* Fluorescent Green UV ex (360/530nm), Green Vis ex (470/510nm), Red (570/600nm), Dark Red (640/660nm)
Particle Size: 0.4µm Nominal diameter
Uniformity: < 5% CV
Concentration: Colored 4% by weight; Fluorescent 2% by weight
Density [Particle] 1.06 g/cm3 (polymer with dye)
Fill Volume: 5mL Trial Kits, 15mL or 100mL bottles
Content[s] Dyed polystyrene microspheres in water
Additive: None
Stability: Product stable for a minimum of 24 months
Includes: Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS),

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