Dyed and Fluorescent microspheres

Colored and fluorescent activated surfaces are intended for researchers who are developing lateral flow diagnostic tests, and for other scientific investigations in diagnostics and biotechnology where labeling and detection of very low concentrations of substances is required. Higher intensity dyed particles to provide superior test sensitivity in qualitative and quantitative lateral flow tests like the Fluoro-Max dyed with Europium Chelate. But also plain polystyrene fluorescent microspheres for image and flowcytometry assays and for visualisation studies with regard to filter testing and air flow studies.

The colored microspheres are loaded with up to 25 % dye by weight - much more than other comparable products. This results in high intensity particles that give superior test sensitivity in qualitative lateral flow applications. The recent introduction of quantitative lateral flow tests has created a need for colored and fluorescent microspheres that are designed specifically for this new technology. In addition to our high intensity colored products, we offer the same microspheres dyed with bright fluorescent dyes. Our fluorescent microspheres are available with green emission (excited by either near ultraviolet or visible wavelengths), red emission and long wavelength emission. The fluorescent dyes are incorporated uniformly into the polymer, resulting in particles with excellent photostability and complete dye retention. See the table below for specific optical properties of these products.

Fluorescent microspheres emit bright and distinctive colors when illuminated by light of shorter wavelengths than the emission wavelength. This property improves their contrast and visibility relative to background materials. In addition to the features of conventional microspheres, the fluorescent products offer improved sensitivity and detectability for analytical methods. 

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