Particle technology is that branch of science and engineering dealing with the development, manufacturing, handling, modification, and use of a wide variety of particulate materials, as well as in wet as in dry format, in sizes ranging from nanometers to centimeters; its scope spans a range of industries to include chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, food, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, advanced materials, energy, and the environment.

Micro- and nanoparticles for use as reference standard for size measurements, as flow tracing devices, for molecular biology, and nucleic acid isolation applications and as reactive surfaces to transport diagnostic reagents. Particles featuring high precision and excellent reproduceability, high binding capacity while keeping nonspecific binding low and maintaining long-term stability. Thermo Scientific manufactures and package particles in certain concentrations in aqeuous and in dry format.
Particles can be diluted, dried, resuspended and prior to use Thermo advises to vortex and sonicate at least for 5'. With concern to all particle handling please have a look at: working with particles

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